When Should You Call the Heating or Plumbing Service Experts?

Just as if an individual wouldn’t go to the hospital for every minor bump or scrape they receive, the same holds true when plumbing and HVAC issues arise in the home. There are some issues in your house that are manageable to even the novice handyman – fixing a door handle, changing an air filter, or scraping off old paint for example. In other situations, there are service experts to call, professionals who come in and due medium to large scale jobs with perfection and professionalism. These types of services are very handy but the question always comes to mind – when should you DIY and when should you bring … continue reading

How to Make Emergencies Bearable

When the first cold-weather burst of the year hits, it signals a sign of holding our breath for the next couple months. There’s hoping that vehicles make it through another winter in addition to getting backs and legs ready for shoveling what seems like every other day.

Perhaps the most anticipation lies in if the furnace will make it through the long cold winter. There are a number of reasons why emergency furnace repairs could become a huge issue – most of all being the high cost of fixing or replacing the system. On top of that are the corollary issues that come from heat going out such as pipes … continue reading

Plumbing Basics for Newbies

If most people ever installed the plumbing in their home themselves, they would truly be amazed at exactly how much plumbing goes into their home. There are literally hundreds of meters of plumbing that run through each and every home that is built. All this plumbing is necessary because of all the different parts of your home that need water going to and from them to become functional rooms. Here is a quick overview of how the plumbing in your house comes together to work. Hopefully these plumbing basics for newbies will help you understand your household plumbing better.

Where it all Starts The first thing you need in order … continue reading

Heating and Air Quality – How to Save Money!

I hope you enjoy the following energy heating and air quality saving tips shared by experts.

Money Saving Tips for Heating:

1 – Take Advantage of Sunny Days

The sun brings in plenty of heat on its own, meaning you can open your blinds some to let more of it in during the day. Tilt them upwards toward the ceiling if you don’t want to open them completely. Just close them when the sun goes down later in the day.

2 – Reverse Your Ceiling Fan

Heat rises, meaning you can reverse your ceiling fan to send radiant heat entering the house back down to circulate throughout the room.

3 … continue reading